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Cytophage Provides Update on Bacteriophage Human Trial at The Ottawa Hospital


May 28, 2024 – Cytophage ($CYTO.V) CEO and Chief Science Officer Steven Theriault was recently inteviewed by Coreena Robertson of The Watchlist/Stockhouse. Mr. Theriault provided an update of the bacteriophage human trial at The Ottawa Hospital.

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‘Space to expand’ antibacterial front line: Bioscience business Cytophage takes over former trampoline park building


May 3, 2024 – The only people bouncing around a former Winnipeg area trampoline park will be scientists in lab coats. Bioscience business Cytophage is quadrupling its footprint by moving to the former Sky Zone location in the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.

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'This was my last resort,' Ottawa-area woman says of experimental phage therapy to treat infection

CBC News

March 28, 2024 – Thea Turcotte believes her life was likely saved by an experimental treatment developed in Winnipeg for a chronic artificial joint infection.

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'This is why we're here': A Winnipeg biotech company's role in a new treatment used in Canada

CTV News Winnipeg

March 27, 2024 – A Winnipeg biotech company is being celebrated for its role in a first-of-its-kind treatment in Canada.
It’s called phage therapy and it was used to treat a serious resistant infection.

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'There was no other choice... Do or die,' says first Canadian in the country to try new infection treatment

CTV News

March 27, 2024 – An Ottawa-area woman has become the first in the country to test out a new kind of therapy for treatment-resistant infections that happen in some patients who receive hip or knee replacements.

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Antibiotics replacement: The Solution to antibiotics resistance


February 20, 2024 – In this interview, Dr. Steven Theriault BSc, MSc, PhD, CEO of Cytophage Technologies Ltd (TSXV:CYTO), sheds light on their groundbreaking work in health science, specifically addressing bacterial infections through tailored bacteriophages

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This Winnipeg scientist is using viruses to fight drug-resistant superbugs

CBC News

December 28, 2023 – Cutting-edge bacteriophage research has human and animal applications

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IN² Spotlight: How Phages Can Stop Drug-Resistant Bacteria

IN² - Innovation Incubator

October 16, 2023 – A scientist co-discovered phages, viruses that only target bacteria, in 1915 and used them to treat cholera during a 1927 epidemic. The emergence of broad-spectrum antibiotics in the 1940s…

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Scientists are weaponizing viruses to solve a huge problem

13 March, 2021 – AS THE WORLD FIGHTS THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS causing the COVID-19 pandemic, another group of dangerous pathogens looms in the background. The threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been growing for years and appears to be getting worse.

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Live Interview with Dr. Steven Theriault on The Tetrault Show

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management / The Tetrault Show

13 March 2020 – Award Winning Virologist Shares Update On Scientific Advancement. With the abundance of information on Covid-19 at our disposal, it can sometime be overwhelming and difficult to separate fact from fiction.

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Un chercheur crée des virus synthétiques pour vaincre les superbactéries

CBC Radio-Canada

10 January 2020 – Bactériophages. Ces virus naturels pourraient pourtant être à l’origine d’un nouveau traitement révolutionnaire contre les infections bactériennes résistantes aux antibiotiques, mis au point par un scientifique winnipégois.

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How a Winnipeg entrepreneur is using Mother Nature's deadly weapon to fight antibiotic-resistant superbugs


30 December 2019 – One to watch: Steven Theriault’s research on bacteriophages has put him at the cutting edge of a potential bio-medical revolution

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Antibiotic alternatives from Cytophage have big dairy applications


19 September 2019 – Antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans could render antibiotics useless in the future. Cytophage pitched its solution for natural bacteriophage products at FoodBytes! this week.

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Cytophage begins clinical trials, seeks partners to scale manufacturing capabilities


Originally focused on the human health sector, Cytophage Technologies has pivoted to animal health. As the company prepares clinical trials for its bacteriophage technology…

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All the phage: Winnipeg company hopes to lead the fight against drug-resistant bacteria


26 March 2019 – Before the discovery of penicillin almost a hundred years ago, doctors relied on other treatments to fight deadly infections. Now, after almost a century of overusing antibiotics, many infections…

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Bacteriophage therapy has unlimited uses and is effective in eradicating bacterial disease and infection in three key areas.

Food Safety

In food safety, our phages help prevent disease and the spread of disease, without introducing antibiotics into the food chain or the environment.

Animal Health

Cytophage is developing bacteriophages that will reduce and ultimately replace the use of antibiotics for illness prevention and growth enhancement in livestock, starting with poultry.

Human Health

In human health, phages can address a full range of bacterial illnesses and conditions, from treating acne and eczema, alleviating internal bacterial infections such as pneumonia, preventing wound infections and battling outbreaks such as cholera or diphtheria.

Phages can also be used for the decontamination of hospital surfaces and counters, tools and instruments, beds and curtains, and anywhere else bacterial contamination is a concern.

What is a

Bacteriophages are organisms that infect and kill bacterial cells. These natural killers of bacteria can overcome all of the cellular or organism-level defences.

What is a

Bacteriophages are organisms that infect and kill bacterial cells. These natural killers of bacteria can overcome all of the cellular or organism-level defences.

We can win the war against battlefield infection.
Cytophage was selected for the Defense Innovation Award 2019.

Winner of 2018 Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge
For our breakthrough innovation to help feed the world.

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