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Poultry Health Product

Effective against Salmonella and E. coli

Product information

  • Probiotic – improves gut health
  • Improves health and well-being of poultry
  • No side effects
  • Easy application (add to water)


  • Recommended to start using from day 1, can be used at any age
  • For Broilers: Add to the water supply and apply daily throughout the bird’s life.

For Poultry Producers who want to:

  • Promote animal growth
  • Enhance gut health
  • Lower the risk of mortality
  • Reduce bacterial levels

We can win the war against battlefield infection.
Cytophage was selected for the Defense Innovation Award 2019.

Winner of 2018 Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge
For our breakthrough innovation to help feed the world.

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